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IN/LAB has collaborated with a group of young people from outer city Stockholm to turn lived pain points into speculative concepts that reimagine what news experiences could be like in the future.


Inviting our critics to co-create futures

During the fall of 2022, we invited 10 young people with critical attitudes to news media to join us for a 10-week co-creative process. The goal was to better understand current issues and prototype possible future news experiences.

We called it the News Changemaker Program.



Partnering in the mission of inclusion

We found a partner in Fritiden, a local hub where young residents in outer city Stockholm meet and cultivate their interests. Fritiden enabled the recruitment of participants, and served as a sounding board throughout the program.


What if the news were different?

Our News Changemakers created six speculative news experiences that invite reflection around what news journalism is and could be. What they all have in common is that they are ideated by and for young people who feel like the news isn't catering to them. 


Journalism needs diverse voices to innovate

We know that the news media industry does not represent the diversity of our societies. With the News Changemaker Program, we wanted to learn where fresh perspectives on both challenges and opportunities might take us!



What if an AI-therapist helped you deal with the news?

In one of the Changemakers' ideas for the future, the relationship between news and mental health issues is in focus. 


What if the news were music?

The growing capabilities of generative AI opens up for emerging news media formats. What if music was the next step?

... why focus on youth from the outer city areas?

Previous research has shown how news coverage of the outer city areas is almost exclusively about crime (83%), and that young people from the areas express that they often feel like their areas are being portrayed in a negative light. We also know that those with parents born in other countries more often report that they do not trust Swedish news, and there are no signs of that changing. 

It is time to stop talking about this group's attitude toward news media – we need to talk with them. With the News Changemaker Program, we wanted to provide an opportunity for their voices about the present and future to be heard.

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