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Together with Aftonbladet, we turned one of the News Changemaker Program's speculative product ideas into a testable prototype. Learn more about why and how here!


Turning written news articles into music experiences

The core idea coming from the News Changemakers Program (your can learn more about the program here) was that news would be more enjoyable if they came in the form of music. 


Letting users be part of evaluating desirability

Is "news as music" the future? We don't know. But we do know that people committed to traditional forms of journalistic content might not be the best judges of the desirability of this idea. Therefore, we decided to let users into the conversation and build something tangible enough for them to be able to provide feedback. 


Generating music with early stage AI solutions

IN/LAB and Aftonbladet decided to test how generative AI might support a music-empowered news experience. Leveraging the services Mubert and Uberduck, we created a "provocatype" (a prototype which is here to provoke conversations and ideas) for a small group of Aftonbladet users to test.

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